Cultivate your social skills: Are those that allow you to motivate, transmit enthusiasm and communicate clearly and effectively. Simple things like using the basic rules of courtesy (giving thanks or asking for forgiveness) can help you communicate better with your team.

Respect others: Whether in the differences that may arise in discussion with your team or with a patient, you must learn to accept and appreciate individual and group differences and value the rights of all people.

The ability to seek help and resources: By this, I mean the ability to identify your support and assistance needs. Good teamwork is based on the ability to delegate and ask for help from those who can best carry out a specific task.

With these skills, you are ready to interact with others. But are you willing to cooperate with yourself? Do you know how to react to situations that put you to the test?

We are going to go further, and I will show you the three emotional competencies that you must learn to develop to have better self-knowledge and to be able to successfully face the stressful situations that arise in your day to day life.